"A promising start to an innovative fantasy series." —Publishers Weekly

"Teens will cheer for Tali and her friends and appreciate the rich setting in this well-written and engaging fantasy." —School Library Journal

"A carefully crafted and empowering coming-of-age tale that adds welcome diversity to the fantasy shelves." —Kirkus

The Second Guard

Julia Durango & Tracie Vaughn writing as J.D. Vaughn (co-author)
Disney-Hyperion / 2015

In the peaceful realm of Tequende, all second-born children at the age of fifteen must journey to the Alcazar to fulfill the mandate of the Oath of Guilds. There they train to earn a place among the queen's legendary Second Guard, or work as indentured servants.

Talimendra has always wanted to join the Guard, but there are dark rumors in the queendom that she may not be ready for. Rumors that whisper of greed, traitors, and war.

There is very little time and too many unanswered questions, but one thing is for certain: if there is a traitor among the Second Guard, then everyone-including the queen-is in grave danger.

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