"Bemis has saved his best for last. With a plot as intricate as the machine at its center and a page-turning pace, this unique, ambitious American fantasy comes to a satisfying end that would please even John Henry." —Kirkus

"[An] action-packed conclusion filled with mechanical monsters, guns, lightning, and magical spells..." —Voice of Youth Advocates

The White City

John Claude Bemis
Random House / 2011

The year is 1893. From all across the globe, thousands travel to visit Chicago’s World’s Fair. It is a place of wonders: the White City, with its gleaming buildings modeled on the ideals of ancient Greece; an enormous mechanical wheel designed by Mr. Ferris; and the Hall of Progress—a building of the future where clockwork men operate mysterious machines…

Ray and his friends are at the fair, too, but they haven’t come to celebrate. The Gog has somehow survived the destruction of his Pitch Dark Train, and his infernal Machine is nearly complete, hidden in the Gloaming near the fair. To make matters worse, the Gog now holds the Nine Pound Hammer, the only weapon that can destroy the Machine. Ray and his friends will have to bring all their powers to bear and sacrifice much as they face the Gog and his army, and confront a Darkness beyond imagining.

In The Nine Pound Hammer, Bemis introduced readers to a whole new approach to epic fantasy, founded on characters and themes from American mythology and folklore. Now, in the third and final book, it’s man versus machine all over again, fighting for the soul of humanity in front of Ferris’s Wheel.

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