★ "The author transports readers to a craggy seaside town for this sweeping story of a blossoming friendship between a young woman outsider and a young man whom the townsfolk deem mad." —Publishers Weekly

"With sympathetically believable characters and a terrific plot, the story brings to life the prejudices and passions of a distant time and place." —Voice of Youth Advocates

"This is an ageless story about the power of love that should leave a satisfying and lasting impression on its readers." —School Library Journal

"Fire and sweetness, the pulse of daily existence, how to cope with differences, and the several kinds of love are all present, wrapped in a page-turner to keep readers enthralled." —Kirkus

The Raging Quiet

Sherryl Jordan
Simon & Schuster / 1999

A newcomer to the tiny village of Tocurra befriends a young man whose deafness has left him isolated from his fellow villagers. Marnie and Raver learn to communicate through a series of hand gestures, but when a death shakes the village, their special, silent bond causes the two to fall under suspicion of witchcraft. A compelling, romantic, and revealing story for young readers, Sherryl Jordan's The Raging Quiet is an ideal kids' feature for a month of romance.

Suspicious of sixteen-year-old Marnie, a newcomer to their village, the residents accuse her of witchcraft when she discovers that the village madman is not crazy but deaf and she begins to communicate with him through hand gestures.

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