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"The truth behind Sam's complex lies is as much fun as the philosophical calisthenics he does to justify his falsehoods. Berger's black-and-white comics and illustrations advance the silly plot nicely...Further reading for fans of Timmy Failure and Big Nate."  —Kirkus Reviews

"Berger’s angular, caricaturelike cartoons enliven the already comical tale and play up Sam’s exaggerated perspective nicely. Despite his tendency to stretch the truth, amiable, secretly sweet-natured Sam is easy to root for. Straddling the line between illustrated novel and graphic novel, this series starter will easily appeal to fans of Wimpy Kid or Star Wars: Jedi Academy."—Booklist

“A silly, slice-of-life tale with plenty of action and lots of (mildly gross) humor….the charming protagonist, who often falls flat on his face despite good intentions, makes this series entry stand out. VERDICT Fans of Lincoln Peirce’s “Big Nate” and Stephan Pastis’s “Timmy Failure” will adore this title.”School Library Journal

The Pudding Problem (Lyttle Lies)

Joe Berger
Margaret K. McElderry Books / 2017

A boy must untangle the web of lies he’s created in order to prove his innocence in this humorous and cheeky illustrated middle grade novel that’s perfect for “fans of Timmy Failure and Big Nate” (Kirkus Reviews).

Sam Lyttle is prone to stretching the truth. Most of his lies are harmless; tall tales and the product of an overactive imagination. So when Sam is summoned to explain a strange discovery—a ping-pong ball in a jar of peanut butter—and denies involvement, no one believes him. Then more seemingly unrelated peculiarities emerge, and Sam categorically denies any knowledge of those, too. 

In between these mysterious accusations, and with evidence mounting against him, Sam ruminates on the different sorts of lies he has told using examples from his past. Meanwhile, two pounds of potatoes wind up in the washing machine. 

Sam comes to a decision: he decides it is time to come clean about this latest tangled web. He gathers his family to hear the truth. The whole truth. Or is it? Could it be that this final “truth” is, in fact, another lie?

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