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Susie Day was born in Penarth, South Wales in possession of three older sisters, a lisp, and a rather unfortunate choice of first name.

She has a BA in English Literature from Oxford University, an MSt in English Literature from Oxford University, and is still grasping at a doctorate in English Literature from Oxford University. Despite this lack of imagination, Susie always wanted to be a writer. At the age of 8 she co-wrote a radio play entitled "Paperback Writer," based on the Beatles' song, and inexplicably about a racehorse that really wanted to win the Grand National. Hopefully her Mum has lost the one remaining copy. Susie's first book, Whump!...In Which Bill Falls 632 Miles Down a Manhole, won the BBC Children's Fiction Prize and was serialized on Radio 4 in 2004. Susie likes Arthur Ransome, Scotland, Time Lords, and cheese. She lives in Oxford, and hopes one day to find the "off" switch on the television.

Adams Literary represents Susie for US rights through our affiliation with David Higham Associates, London.

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