"Readers should enjoy keeping pace with Stuff's verbal barrages and his tumultuous family and love lives, which are punctuated with dredged-up memories, flashbacks and Armstrong's hilarious drawings." Publishers Weekly  


Matthew Armstrong (Illustrator)
HarperCollins / 2007 

Stuff. My head's full of it. I don't even know where most of it comes from. I just seem to pick it up, like my brain emits a special sort of tractor beam that locks on to pointless information. But in the face of my problems, all the extra stuff is proving useless. 

What problems? you ask. I shall tell you. 

Problem 1: The invasion of my home. Dad's new girlfriend moved in, and, even worse, she brought along her daughter, who has no sense of humor and no taste in music. 
Problem 2: My girlfriend, Delfine. Her brother would break both my arms if I broke up with her. 
Problem 3: The new girl at school. Stunning. Gorgeous. Willowy. My Destiny (but see Problem 2). 
Problem 4: My comic strip. At first it was cool to anonymously author the strip in the school paper, but now that everyone suspects who they are in the strip, I run the risk of getting my legs broken in addition to my arms (see above).

Clearly, I need to plan The Great Escape! 

Part hilarious musings, part graphic novel, Stuff is the quirky exposé of a fourteen-year-old boy who, let's face it, could use a little help. 

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