"Quinny and Hopper narrate alternating chapters, each with a strong voice and spot-on language and emotions. Funny, honest, and fast paced, this book about friendship should have wide appeal."―Booklist

"This is a delightful, amusing chapter book with lively, relatable characters... Fans of Sara Pennypacker's Clementine and Judy Blume's SuperFudge will flock to this entertaining chapter book."―School Library Journal

"Characters are well-rounded and their problems are fully believable. A few useful life lessons on friendship and the value of being true to oneself while being flexible enough to accept others' foibles are seamlessly incorporated. An excellent, emotionally rich choice for readers ready for a sizable chapter book."―Kirkus Reviews

Quinny & Hopper: Partners in Slime

Adriana Brad Schanen
Disney-Hyperion / 2016

Quinny and Hopper are unstoppable. Together, they tamed a killer chicken, broke the Third Grade Rules, and proved to everyone that they could be best friends. 

But Hopper has doubts that anyone--even Quinny--can save him from his impending doom: a surgery removing tonsils he is really, really not ready to part ways with.

To help Hopper overcome his tonsillectomy fears, Quinny decides to reveals his birthday surprise early: a trip to a museum where they'll get to see a real brain up close and personal. Hopper needs something to live for. 

But Quinny is torn when her sometimes-friend, sometimes-enemy, Victoria Porridge, invites her to the most amazing party ever on the exact same day. 

Quinny and Hopper are back in this hilarious and heartfelt sequel about friendship, changes, and staying true to yourself.

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