“Retro, digitally created illustrations are clear and uncluttered, yet provide ample details that allow readers to fill in the gaps of these oh-so-brief tales….this entertaining collection shows that storytelling can be easily accomplished and can consist of more than just words.” —Booklist

“In this collection of stories that are both tiny and substantial, words, pictures, and book design dance with one another in a way only possible in a picture book…. (t)he text is graphically dynamic.” —The Horn Book

" Koehler’s drawings have an easygoing sense of whimsy as they highlight just how much can happen in the briefest of stories.” —Publishers Weekly

One Day, the End

Fred Koehler (Illustrator)
Boyds Mill Press / 2015

“One day. . . I went to school. I came home. The end,” says our storyteller—a girl with a busy imagination and a thirst for adventure.

The art tells a fuller tale of calamity on the way to school and an unpredictably happy ending. The genius of this picture book is that each illustration captures multiple, unexpected, and funny storylines as the narrator tells her shorter-than-ever stories, ending with “One day. . . I wanted to write a book.” An original and incredibly deep combination of text and art invites readers to make up stories of their own.

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