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"A joyful, upbeat tale that takes a positive perspective on an immigrant child's first encounters."  —Kirkus Reviews

"The narrative, which focuses on building a  friendship, is paired with Ken Daley's vibrant illustrations which depict just how fast the bikes and minds of young children can go..." School Library Journal

"Farish, author of the irresistible The Cat Who Liked Potato Soup, provides a sturdy and direct text that still leaves room for dimension in character elements such as Whoosh's penchant for exclamations and Joseph's persistence in getting a chance at his dream....  both kids radiate palpable joy at Joseph's achievement."  The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Book

Joseph's Big Ride

Terry Farish
Annick Press / 2016

A refugee boy’s determination to ride a bicycle leads to an unexpected friendship.

Joseph wants only one thing: to ride a bike. In the refugee camp where he lives, Joseph helps one of the older boys fix his bike, but he’s too small to ride it.

Joseph and his mother travel to America, where everything is strange and new. One day, he spots a red bike that seems just right for him! It belongs to a girl with a whoosh of curly hair. 

When Whoosh crashes her bike, Joseph offers to fix it. His big chance has finally come, except that Joseph doesn’t know how to ride! He crashes a few times, picks himself up, and tries again, until suddenly, with a shout of triumph, he’s riding the bike. 

Inspired by the author’s interviews with refugee children from Sudan, this gentle story evokes the experience of a new immigrant. Vibrantly colorful paintings bring a warm and humorous portrait of friendship and diversity to life.

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