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John David Anderson is never, ever called John David Anderson. He is called Dave by most people who know him, John by most people who don't, and Checkers by his five-year-old twins (he still doesn't know why). His two cats call him yeowl and his mother calls him at least once a week. He wishes he could go by J.D. Anderson, but doesn't think he's quite cool enough to pull that off. If he was a Star Wars character he would want to be a Jedi named Raith Starglider, but knows he would more likely be a used Bantha salesman named Bobba Twinklebeans.

A graduate of Indiana University and the University of Illinois where he majored in "You-want-me-to-get-a-what-now?", Dave "Twinklebeans" Anderson has spent much of his adult life as a ten year old, relishing in long afternoons eating candy and playing with his kids and evenings spent reading and taking his wife to school at Boggle. In 2008, he published his first novel, Standard Hero Behavior, which garnered starred reviews, went on to be nominated for stuff, and helped him buy a new couch. Since then he has been hard at work on new works for middle-grade readers with the hope of purchasing a matching loveseat.

Dave believes in the power of books to enrich lives and ask (and answer) the complex questions that drive our existence...or at the very least keep readers entertained and occasionally make them laugh so hard they snarf soda through their noses. When he grows up he wants to be Indiana Jones. Till then, he wants to be a writer and a root beer connoisseur. He lives with his wife, two kids, two cats, and lonely couch in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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