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Jane Mason grew up at the tail end of a big family on seven acres in northern Minnesota, where she spent as much time as possible outside making snow forts, climbing trees, wading streams, and generally fending for herself. She began writing in middle school and hasn’t stopped.

After receiving her BA in creative writing from Hamilton College Jane spent several years working in publishing in New York before venturing to California and turning full time to writing. She has penned picture books, ready-to-reads, middle grade, and young adult books under many names and about many things, but is particularly interested in the unexpected and the myriad forms friendship can take, and how these things impact our lives.  

When not writing or attempting to keep up with her three children Jane likes to read, swim (the bigger the body of water the better), and visit as many orchards and berry patches as possible so she can turn fruit into jam. She lives in Oakland, California with her husband, said three children, and a various and ever-changing selection of family pets.

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