"A charmingly illustrated story." —Publishers Weekly

"A solid choice that youngsters will enjoy time and time again." —School Library Journal

Jane & Mizmow

Matthew Armstrong 
HarperCollins / 2011 

Everyone yearns for a best friend by their side. And even better if that friend is one of a kind—a monster! One very funny, furry monster who doesn’t follow the rules and does all sorts of crazy things, like eating leaves and jumping into bed with such gusto that Jane goes flying high. It’s love at first sight. They are opposites—Mizmow loves to climb trees and Jane prefers to keep her feet firmly on the ground. They may have nothing in common, but they LOVE to do everything together. Meet two characters who are absolutely adorable and totally inseparable. That is, until they have a fight. And then suddenly snack time just isn’t the same. And Jane can’t fall asleep because Mizmow isn’t there to snuggle with. Our friends Jane and Mizmow learn that things just aren’t as much fun without someone to share them with. And that mending a friendship means learning how to say you’re sorry.

This is an incredible tale of best friends, with fresh characters full of spirit and artwork that is simply beautiful.

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