"Cleverly portrayed, Hattie's mischievous actions will surely elicit giggles, and the details provide much to discover and discuss. Berger embellishes his expressive black-line drawings with bright colors, and his illustrations bring a well-considered pace to the story." —SLJ

"Berger's zesty, orange-splashed illustrations hum with energy and comic hyperbole, in perfect synch with the text."
Publishers Weekly

Hattie the Bad

Joe Berger (Illustrator)
Dial / 2010

Hattie was bad—from frogs in the fridge, to paint everywhere, to the occasional sale of her little brother at the yard sale. Yes, Hattie was SO bad, no one was allowed to play with her. And let's face it: Being bad by yourself is no fun. So Hattie decides to become good. Hattie the Good cleans her room, goes to bed early, and is an angel at school. Now everyone is allowed to play with her-but no one wants to. After all, what fun is a girl SO good that she makes everyone else look bad? Hattie is in a fix. What's a good, bad little girl to do?

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