“Berger’s artwork has a wonderful way of...stirring the ingredients into broad, spirited humor. Rarely have school letter-writing exercises been so much fun.” —Kirkus

Earth to Clunk

Joe Berger (Illustrator)
Dial / 2011

What do you send your alien pen pal Clunk to make it clear you do not want an alien pen pal? You send him your big sister. That'll teach Clunk to have a pen pal from Earth—or so our intrepid narrator thinks. But then Clunk sends him a Zoid, an exasperating Zoid that follows him everywhere. After swapping dirty socks, three Forps, some old lasagna, a weird glob, and a string of Christmas lights, our hero seems to be having...could it be...fun? But then: Clunk stops sending stuff. Oh no! Earth to Clunk...? Is he too busy being bossed around by our hero's big sister? Will he ever send another package again? Maybe—or maybe not. More hilarious surprises await!

Deadpan comedy, vibrant artwork (a bit Calvin & Hobbes, a bit Eloise), a warm friendship theme, and an extraordinary surprise ending will have kids laughing all the way back to the first page of this sweet-in-spite-of-itself story.

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