"The nice thing about this story is that it isn't all surface; it has a beating heart. Well done." —Kirkus

Dumb Love

Kathleen Jeffrie Johnson
Roaring Brook Press / 2005

What's funnier than true love? Dumb love, that's what. Kathleen Jeffrie Johnson offers an exuberant romp—somewhere between a screwball comedy of errors and a modern fairy tale.

In the tiny town on Brewerton, the minister needs an assistant for his Loney Hearts advice column, someone with a sympathetic, open heart and a confidential, closed mouth. Who better, Carlotta decides, than a Love Expert like herself. In fact, once Pete, her soon-to-be boyfriend—he just doesn't know it yet—gets a look at her, she'll be the syrup on his pancake, the cream in his coffee, the crabcake at his clam bake! All she has to do is get rid of her competition: Bernice, Andrea...and Fate.

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