Charlie Price grew up in Colorado and Montana and graduated from Stanford in the 1960s with a BA in the history of ideas. He loves to read, possibly even more than he loves to fly-fish and play basketball. He has lived in Italy, New York City, Mexico and Oakland before settling with his family in Northern California.

Charlie has had a 30-something year career in education and therapeutic recreation. He has been a program director and clinical supervisor in psychiatric hospitals, a teacher and academic dean in many private school settings from Head Start to graduate seminars. He began in 1968 by working with high school dropouts in Bedford Stuyvesant. Now he writes and consults with private and public agencies in the areas of leadership and morale.

Charlie writes to better think about the mystery of living. He writes for fun. He writes to wrestle with conundrums that puzzle him.

Where Charlie's life is leading is anyone's guess, but his next life is crystal clear. He will be thinner and taller. He will also be very patient and generous and will not be in any way rigid or opinionated. His wife will still be his greatest love and teacher, his daughter his greatest delight. Both will appreciate his understated humility. Serenity will be his middle name.

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