Caryn Yacowitz grew up in Ohio and New Jersey where she built forts, collected bugs and frogs, and fished with her dad. Summer vacations meant camping with her parents, brother and sister in their smelly but cozy World War II surplus tent. Those vacations offered many hours for reading and writing.

Her first book, Onstage/Backstage, combined her passion for writing with her love of theater. She has since written lots of books for young people, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as musical plays for both children and adults.

Today, Caryn lives and writes in Palo Alto, California where she enjoys visits from her two adult children and her young granddaughter, Isabel, with whom she camps in the backyard. She is an avid gardener, vegetarian and animal rights activist. Portraying the historical figure of Jane Lathrop Stanford at Stanford University is another activity she enjoys even if wearing twenty-five pounds of Victorian clothing plus a wig gets mighty hot.

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