Photo by Eli Debenham

Photo by Eli Debenham

Caissie St.Onge loves to write all kinds of things! Her main job is as a television comedy writer (Emmy nominated, even) and she’s worked for The Late Show with David Letterman, The Rosie O’Donnell Show, VH1’s Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins, The Grammy Awards, The Tony Awards and The International Emmy Awards. She even wrote an episode of Nick Jr’s The Wonder Pets! Currently, Caissie is co-Executive Producer of “Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen” on Bravo.  She’s also worked for lots of shows you probably never heard of, but that’s okay. Caissie regularly wrote material for one of her favorite comedians and heroines, Joan Rivers and now sometimes writes material for another - Bette Midler. 

Caissie’s written lots of other stuff too, including commercials for soap and ice cream and cell phones that starred some bigshot Hollywood celebrities, plus an infomercial for collectible coins that starred a bigshot Pennsylvania numismatist very famous in coin-collecting circles! But enough bragging.

Caissie has co-authored two books, The United Jokes of America and Maternity the Musical, with her pal, Alan Katz.

When she’s not writing (sketches, songs, emails, grocery lists!) she can’t get enough of hanging out with her husband Matt Debenham (an award-winning author) and her two sons, Eli and Lincoln. What a bunch of really good eggs! They all live together in Connecticut, in a little red house that is full of animals and books and laughing.

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