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Bev grew up in suburban Chicago cheering on the Blackhawks, speed skating at the flooded tennis courts down the street, bike riding with the sole purpose of getting lost, and reading - always reading. She also spent a good deal of time trying to convince her older brothers to let her play football with them: sadly, the highest position she ever achieved was that of Little Girl Watching. (Don’t worry - revenge is sweet.)

As a Special Education teacher, Bev rediscovered her love of children’s literature and soon was toiling away on her own stories. Many classes, critiques and rejections later, her first trade book, Best Friends Forever: A World War II Scrapbook came out and became an ALA Notable Finalist and a Great Lakes, Great Reads Pick.

Bev shares her life with her high school sweetheart husband who still makes her laugh after mumblemumble years of marriage, four adult children who occasionally show up in need of a free meal or washing machine, and one golden retriever who has trained her to go on long walks and deal out dog treats with alarming regularity. Bev has serious addictions to tennis, PBS television and Oberweis peppermint ice cream.

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