Amy K. Nichols was born in Germany (back before the wall came down), but spent her formative years in the suburbs of Phoenix, AZ. From early on, Amy was a voracious reader. In fifth grade she read her favorite book, The Outsiders, thirteen times. (She really loved that book.) It was only much later in life she realized there were authors behind the books she enjoyed, real people who told stories for a living. After earning her M.A. in English Literature and working as a tech writer and web designer, Amy decided to make a career out of her love for reading and writing. After publishing a number of short stories, she took a stab at novels only to discover a deep passion for writing for young adults. 

Amy is an avid Doctor Who fan, a lover of all things quirky and offbeat, and has a penchant for learning new things. She married a viking, and lives with him and their two children on the edge of the desert in Peoria, AZ.

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